"Why did they release Madden 98 and not MY wonderful game?!?!"
My scanner does not do this game's graphics justice at all.

Keio Yugekitai

The cutest game I've ever played will never be released in America. Keio Yugekitai-"Keio Attack Team" as a rough translation (or so I've been told)- is the sequal to the Sega CD's "Keio Flying Squadren". It's hard for me to say what the exact purpose of this game is, since I can't understand Japanese. Mainly, it's this cute, scrawny blonde named Rami, who dresses like a bunny and kills raccoons with a pink mallet. The animated scenes at the beginning and end more or less let you know what's going on in the game, even without understanding a damn word of it.

Keio Yugekitai's graphics are absolutely beautiful. It's a very colorful game, and I think the Saturn is the perfect system to show it off. Also, the cute graphics and vibrant colors really help to display the game's humor.

The music is cute and goofy, so it really suites the mood of the game. Even boss fights, which normally have very serious music, are silly sounding, which is perfect,, because the bosses are silly looking, silly acting, and well, just plain silly! The sound effects sometimes border on annoying, but are still loveable.

The game isn't incredibly original. It's similar to just about any platform game: you run around, hopping on things, collect gold (gold bunnies, in this case) and then move on to a harder level. Nothing new here.

The second biggest complaint I have about Keio Yugekitai is that, with just under 20 boards, it's too short. You can change the difficulty levels. The main feature that adds replay value is the screen where you get added images of the characters, depending on your score. The only other reason to play it again, is because it's so much fun!

The main complaint I have, is that it's not in English, and never will be. It's easy to figure out what's going on, but I still always feel like I'm missing out on something.

*Katie the Web-Mistress*

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