Hello friends, and welcome to the first time I have ever updated my GE profile. Hang your tounge in awe and grin cheesily. Some of this junk just had to change. First of all, I am no longer in the running to work at Hollywood Video. Now, I do work there, and they have already upgraded me to what they call "Game Champion", which means that I am in charge of making their game profits go up. You know, like some guy will be cluelessly walking in the game section and I will have to go up to him and push games on him. Needless to say, my job has been made much easier thanks to two lovely people: Link and Solid Snake. For those of you just joining us, I hope you like the site. It is a huge joint effort amoung people all over the country who have not even met eachother face to face. I am the leader of this rag tag crew, and this here is my brainchild: Game Elite Online. If you have any questions or comments at all, feel free to e-mail me!

My Top 5 Personal Favorites
Final Fantasy 3
Super Nintendo
Metal Gear Solid
Zelda : OoT
Nintendo 64
Chrono Trigger
Super Nintendo
Final Fantasy VII

Top 5 Games I'm Looking Foward To
Final Fantasy 8
Lunar SSS
Silent Hill
Perfect Dark
Nintendo 64
Resident Evil: Codename Veronica

Favorite Web Sites
-In depth game reviews, previews, news, etc
Bruce Campbell Online
Bruce Campbell's official homepage
Year of Anime
Check out this anime site made by GE's Web~Mistress, Katie Hart
Video Games Forum
AOL only video game site
Sam Raimi Homepage
A fan page deticated to my favorite director.

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