Cotton 2:Magical Night Dreams Review

Here's Appli, flying in for the kill.

My guess is Sega of America thought this game was "too Japanese" for an American audience.

Cotton 2:Magical Night Dreams

I've never been a big fan of shooters, unless they have cute characters flying across the screen, like Sexy Parodius, and Keio Flying Squadren. To me this just makes it alot more fun than just flying and shooting. Recently, I've added a new one to my list: Cotton 2.

C2 is the sequal to the Japanese arcade shooter Cotton, and stars two cute witches named Cotton and Appli, and their sidekicks a fairy named Silk, and Needle, Appli's talking hat. Pretty much a basic shooter, you fly around, collect power-ups and beat up bad guys. It's really easy if you set it for easy (especially 2 player) and really hard if you set it for hard.

I'm sure I would appreciate the game a lot more if I could understand Japanese. There are small scenes between levels, that help tell the story a little bit, but basically just show the fun rivalry between Cotton and Appli. There's nothing better than seeing a pair of anime witch girls making faces at eachother, pulling hair, and bonking eachother on the head.

The 2D hand-drawn graphics are beautiful and colorful, and show that 2D does not automatically mean "16-bit". This game has clear cartoon-like graphics, and could only be called 16-bit by the biggest of polygon freaks.

The music is great. It really gets you ready to blow up some bad guys. A mix of arcade sounds and techno beats to really get you geared up. Also, the different tracks are very well suited for the coordinating levels. Success seemed to put alot of care in developing this game, and came out with a jewel.

The biggest complaint I have is how fast this game went by. I started playing it with my boyfriend, and we were done in about 15 minutes. I definitely recomend playing this one by yourself first, so you don't kill it all on one shot so easily.

All in all, I would recomend C2 to fans of cuteness, and not to someone who likes a good challenge in a shooter. As a shooter, it doesn't hold up to challenging games like Einhander and Thunderforce V. As a good time, that's just what it is: something to sit down with and put a smile on your face ^_^

*Katie the Web-Mistress*

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