Scenes like this are sure to sweat up your palms and make you cry for mama.

The sequel looks very similiar to the original...

Scary scenes like this are infamous in Clock Tower.

Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within

Whoever said that video games cannot be frightening obviously never played the cult classic game Clock Tower by ASCII entertainment. No game has EVER scared the shit out of me more than Clock Tower. Evading the evil scissorman was intense, but well rewarded. Now Human entertainment in association with ASCII is bringing out a second installment to the Clock Tower series. Titled Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within, this upcoming title promises to be just as scary as the original, or maybe even more so.

In Clock Tower II, you must do more than simply evade the enemy, as your character has a more challenging problem at hand. You have got a multiple personality disorder which must be properly manipulated in order to defeat the game's many puzzles, and defeat the incredibly scary enemies. Zombies are the enemy of choice in Clock Tower 2, and they seem to be haunted by a mysterious masked child who wields a hefty knife. I am sure that they can play on a lot of horror with this child, and you can plan on being on the edge of your seat the whole time. The title will also offer 13 different endings, so plan on putting some major hours into this one.

The gameplay seems to be much in the same vein as the original, so expect a somewhat soggy point and click interface. Don't let this get you down however, because the first Clock Tower was a prime example of how this game engine can generate a great amount of fun, and instills yet more fear into the player. The game will also be Dual Shock compatible, so you can expect to be scared shitless even more by sudden vibrations in the controller.

I have yet to see the game actually move, so comments on the graphics may be a little too little, to early. So lets just let the pics speak for themselves. Look for Clock Tower II in mid-December.

Andrew the Game Master