This game is full of lots of eye candy.

Bosses are massive, even early in the game.

Einhander's gun options are a really cool addition to the game.


The Earth and the Moon are at war with each other. You are a suicide pilot from the Moon sent to gather data on Earth's forces and to fight until the end. That is how Square Soft submerges the player into Einhänder, its first PSX shooter. Got that? As simple as it may sound, finishing your mission will take lots of practice and patience.

You can initially choose from three different ships with which to kick Earth's butt. Each ship has its unique features, and beating the game with one doesn't mean you will fare off the same with another. Each ship, in turn, can then be equipped with various weapons, most of which are very different from those in other shooters.

One thing that makes Einhänder different than the rest is its graphics. Your ships, as well as every enemy, are poligonized. This is very unique since it lets you finish off enemies in numerous ways, and allows you to disable parts of an enemy, while keeping their weapons intact for you to grasp and use against the opposition. The bosses are another great aspect of the game. Most of them are huge, taking up about half the screen, and all are very creatively designed.

The soundtrack for this puppy is just plain incredible. Futuristic techno music fills every level, and the sound effects make you feel every explosion. The controls are also well executed. The ships control perfectly, and you can customize the configuration of every button. You can even change the speed of you ship in mid flight! Square even went all out and designed a level outside of Earth's atmosphere with a totally different gravitational force, which makes handling your ship extremely fun!

At the end of a game, you are evaluated in different categories, and this data can be saved on a memory card (which is practically a must have if you wish to keep the hard-earned extra weapons and ships). Square should be praised for this title. The many secrets, excellent controls, and various difficulty levels make this a jewel for all PSX owners.

-Hernan the Eternal Champion

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