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Tekken 3 Action Figures
Tekken 3 Action Figures

In the near future, Palisades Marketing plans to release Tekken 3 action figures. The only characters planned so far are Paul Phoenix, Jin Kazama, Nina Williams, and Ling Xiaoyu (though I've also heard that the 4th figure is Yoshimitsu)but I think there's a good chance that if they're popular (and we all know they will be) that they'll bring out more characters. Expect to see them popping up in stores some time in November.

Lunar Keychains
Lunar Keychains

Anime Palace is selling these adorable Lunar Keychains. Unfortunately, they don't list the price on the webpage, but I hear that the whole set runs for about $25.

Tomb Raider Movie: Who is Lara Croft?
Tomb Raider the Movie

The past few months, people have been asking "Who is Lara Croft?" or, rather "Who will be Lara Croft?" Names such as Sandra Bullock, Elizabeth Hurley (my personal choice. Yeah baby!) Uma Thurman, and Demi Moore have been rumored, but Paramount says that they have no plans to choose an actress until the script is completely written.

Final Fantasy Movie
Final Fantasy

So far, not too much is known about the Final Fantasy Movie, except that it it will be high-quality computer graphics. I've heard that Square is working at a pace of two seconds worth of frames per day, and expects it to be released Summer on the year 2000.

Lara Croft Action Figure
Lara Croft

Eidos decided that they weren't happy with the hideous creature that was Toy Biz's excuse for Lara Croft, so they signed a deal with Playmates to release a new Lara Croft action figure. This new 9 inch Lara is wearing the Tomb Raider 2 wet suit, and is articulated at the neck, arms and waist. The legs will be kept stationary, in order to keep them smooth and silky. Playmates plans to make different figures after these are out for a while, as well as 6 inch figures, that are cheaper, and more of a toy than collectable.

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Action Figures
Turok 2 action figures

Also in the works by Playmates, are these Turok 2 action figures. I haven't heard much about them, except that they should be in stores in December.

Vampire Savior Figures
Vampire Savior Figures

National Console Support offers these highly detailed Vampire Savior (Darkstalkers III) figures at an insane $29 a piece. They're priced so highly because they are imported from Japan. Maybe when Darkstalkers III comes out for Playstation Capcom will bring these beauties over here with it. Cross your fingers!

Resident Evil Movie
Resident Evil the Movie

For a while, people were worried that the makers of this movie would try to soften it up, and make sure it has a PG rating. Have no fear! George Romero has come to the rescue, and plans to give it an all out R, as well as releasing a Director's Cut version, for people who can't get enough zombie guts. Also, the original script omitted the concept of the S.T.A.R.S. team, but Romero plans to put them back where they belong when he re-writes the script. Possible actors for the movie include Samantha Mathis as Jill and Bruce Campbell as Chris.

Resident Evil Action Figures
Resident Evil Action Figures

Also in the Resident Evil department, is the set of new Resident Evil Toys. The first series, designed after characters from the first game, are available in toy, comic and video game stores now, and run at about $9.99. The second series includes characters from Resident Evil 2, such as Claire and Leon (woo hoo!) will be in stores in early October, and will also cost about $9.99.

Pocket Fighter ScreenSaver
Pocket Fighter

Included on the disc for the Capcom game Pocket Fighter, is a hidden screen saver. The name of the file is pocket.scr . If you'd like the screen saver, but don't own the game, email me and I can send the file to you.

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