Hi, I'm Katie, and I keep GEO running (or slowly crawling in some cases) I love video games! In fact, you could say video games are my life: I sell video games, play video games, and then come here, and do even more video game related stuff! I've only been into video games fairly recently though. I mean, yeah, I used to have an 8-bit Nintendo and I loved Mario, but when I met my boyfriend I thought his Playstation was a really cool CD player. He let me borrow his Sega CD, and I fell in love with Popful Mail. I wouldn't stop talking about how amazing the graphics were(this was less then two years ago, folks) He has shown me the light, and the beauty of owning my very own Playstation, and now I am an addict. I love RPGs and 2D side-scrollers best, and hope that the arrival of the "Next Next Generation" systems doesn't kill 2D all together.

My Top 5 Personal Favorites
Magic Knight Rayearth
Sega Saturn
Lunar Eternal Blue
Sega CD
Popful Mail
Sega CD
Lunar Silver Star
Sega CD
Rival Schools
Sony Playstation

Top 5 Games I'm Looking Foward To
Lunar Silver Star Story
Silhouette Mirage
Star Ocean: Second Story
Resident Evil: Code Veronica
Final Fantasy VIII

Favorite Web Sites
Year of Anime
Anime website made by Yours Truly
Great RPG page
Not as up-to-the-minute as LunarNet, but still cool
Working Designs
If you haven't noticed, I'm a HUGE fan of Working Designs
Anime Web Turnpike
If you're looking for anything anime related, you'll find it here

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