Luna dances the day away.

The animation is top-notch, and looks just like watching a cartoon.

You can have more than 3 characters in your party, unlike all those 3D RPGs.

Lunar Silver Star Story

I think any RPG fan who owned a Sega CD knows about the Lunar series. Lunar Silver Star and the sequal, Lunar Eternal Blue are, in my opinion far better than FFVII and the other 32-bit RPGs I've played, even with 16-bit graphics. This fall we're lucky enough to experience the first installment of this saga in 32-bit glory. Scheduled for an August 3rd release, Lunar The Silver Star Story will excite old Lunar fans, and draw new fans to the series.

The story revolves around Alex, a boy with dreams of becoming a Dragon-Master, like his hero Dyne, and his best friend Luna, a beautiful girl he's known almost all his life. It all starts when Alex agrees to go on an adventure with his friend Ramus, but their adventure turns out to be much longer than they expected.

Lunar SSS's graphics are amazing. They are hand-drawn 2D, which I'm sure will turn off many of those polygon (bleh!) freaks I've met. But, once you see the stunning anime cut-scenes, and hear Luna's beautiful singing, you'll realize how lifeless rendered cut-scenes really are.

Another thing I'm sure Lunar SSS will have, is Working Designs signature sense of humor. They're known for their amusing translations, and I'm sure they won't hold back in Lunar SSS. Also, being the wonderful company that they are, WD is going to package a CD game soundtrack along with the game. Geez....most video game companies don't even package extras that you NEED (Do I hear the people chanting "RF UNITS"?)

This preview is based on the the Sega CD and the import Sega Saturn versions of this game. I haven't played it for Playstation yet, but I can guarantee this game is worth buying.

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