Working Designs created special packaging, because LunarSSS is a special game.

The animations are the best part of the game, after the storyline.

"I am an evil hoochie, and I'm gonna get you!"

The game is supported by a colorful cast of characters.

Looks like a boss fight to me!

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Lunar Silver Star Story

After a long wait from the game's original release on the Sega Saturn in 1997, Lunar Silver Star Story is scheduled to come out this November for the Sony Playstation. Fans of the Lunar series know what to expect, but the hords of new RPG fans (thanks to Final Fantasy 7) need to be let in on a little secret: This game rocks. LunarSSS has everything a great RPG needs: deep characters, great storyline,and beautiful animation to keep the story going.

Everything starts when Alex is dragged into an "adventure" with his buddy Ramus. When they come home, their village was destroyed, and they go on a quest to save Alex's childhood friend, Luna. The story develops as they search for Luna, and they meet other friends along their journey. The story is over-flowing with friendship, love, and "the power of humanity".

Unlike most RPGs, you can see the bad guys on the screen before you battle them. This helps if you just don't feel like battling over and over again, you can dodge alot of them. It can be a problem if you dodge to much, because then you don't get your levels as high as they should be.

Most people don't find the 2D sprite-based characters to be as impressive as the large polygon clunkers found in most of the newer RPGs, but they're well animated, and the character designs are great. All of the characters are full of personality, and by the time you get to the end, they're a large part of your life.

The music is beautiful, including the few songs sung during the anime cut-scenes. Fortunately, Working Designs has included a CD soundtrack for your listening pleasure. The voice acting adds alot, as Working Designs put ALOT into get it perfect, and having just the right actor for each character. Nothing is overly cheesy, and none of the voices are annoying or grating in any way.

Working Designs has added lots of extras to help in selling the game, and to complete it's beauty. The game will come in a foil stamped cardboard shell box, a music soundtrack CD, a Playstation video "making of" CD, a cloth map, and a cloth hardbound artbook. Hopefully the $69 price tag won't get in the way of people buying such a wonderful game.

I recommend LunarSSS to fans of RPGs as well as people who've never experienced the genre. This game is sure to get you hooked!

Katie the Web-Mistress

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