Assassination: cowardly, yes, but damn fun.

Brief moments of extreme violence are included in case you get bored with stealth.

Why are the ultra-skilled assassins always blonde?

Here we see probably the most frustrating scene in the game. Have some amphetamines handy.

Every boss in MGS requires radically different tactics; here Snake faces off against an attack chopper that he insists on calling a 'gunship'.

The VR trainer, besides introducing you to the way of the Snake, holds several cool mini-games.

Yes, that's a tank, and yes, you have to fight it.

The Ninja, the coolest character in a game bursting with cool characters.

"Call me Snake."

Metal Gear Solid Review

This game needs no introduction. Highly acclaimed for 2 and a half years, Metal Gear Solid is very known to anybody who claims to be a gamer. After two long years of waiting, I am sure that weary gamers out there have not bought MGS yet, do to the fact that usually nothing is worth the hype. Well, friends, I am here to tell you that MGS goes beyond the hype, beyond anything you have ever played before. Metal Gear Solid is gaming at perfection. Forget all those "other guys" who bitch about the game being too short. Read this review, and you will have many reasons to drop what you are doing to go out and buy this pure gem.

If you are familiar with Metal Gear, you know that Solid Snake used a member of FOX-HOUND, an elite group of people who are good at killing. Back on NES, Solid Snake faced hthe legendary Big Boss, a man claiming to be Snake's father. They fought to the death after a very bitter betrayal. Now, the 21st century has rolled into focus and Solid Snake is long retired to the baron wilderness of Alaska. An expert musher (dog racer), Solid Snake is as close to happy as he has ever been. But there is nothing like a World-Wide nuclear threat to ruin your day. Members of FOX-HOUND have seized several nuclear warheads and are threatening to launch them unless the White House gives them one billion dollar and the remains of Big Boss, which could be the biggest genetic threat in the history of mankind. Led by the infamous Liquid Snake, FOX-HOUND is prepared to go all the way. At this point, you join ranks with your old Colonel, Roy Campbell, so that you can take a mission into the heart of Shadow Moses Island to raise some serious Hell in the fox hole. The story gets very deep, very intriguing, and very twisted, so make sure and pay close attention when you play.

From the very beginning, you will see the intricacies that the graphical engine present.. EVERY detail in the game is polygonized to absolute perfection, and the world is very deep and panoramic. The camera angles compliment the graphics impeccably, as do the sweet character designs and convincing character movements. There is a little FMV, but trust me- the polygons are much more fun to look at in this case. I loved the character designs, and Solid Snake is by far the most fun character I have played as all year. Also full of eye candy are the awesome special effects that include lots of fire, explosions, and massive machinery. Some of the bosses are HUGE, as others are intimidating nonetheless. You will be facing off against some pretty impossible looking enemies, and all thanks to the solid graphic engine.

One of the most impressive things about MGS is the sheer amount of voice acting. I have heard that there is actually more dialogue in this game than there is in the average full length motion picture, and to fantastic avail, as the voice acting is purely perfect. When you start the game, Snake is nice and calm, with a very slick tone in his voice. As you progress, he gets more and more freakish, and near the end, it sounds like he is about to lose his voice. Little details like this make MGS very realistic and fun to interact with. The dialogue is very well translated also, and it never ever gets cheesy. Slam on top of that a very dramatic music score, and you have a game that's audio will astound you. The music is really awesome, as you will find it making your blood rush at one moment and moistening your tear ducts in the next breath. This soundtrack is definetly worth buying if you can find it.

Playing the game, of course, is even more fun than looking and listening to it. The control is incredibly fluent, and the tasks that you will be required to achieve are fun, addictive, and interesting. Espionage is the name of the game also, as sneaking around with stealth will be your best tactical option. Remember the first time you slit a guards neck in Tenchu? Take the fun of that, multiply it by a zillion, and then go strangle a guard in MGS. Not as bloody but just as effective. You will also get a very massive assortment of weapons to dispose of, but using them must be very carefully planned out because as always, if you make too much noise you may get a regiment of troops climbing up your ass. Other gameplay features include but are nowhere near limited to using card keys, climbing through airducts, evading infrared beams (by smoking a cigarette no less), and even surviving a particularly gruesome interrogation. Liquid Snake also has 5 main cronies that you must encounter at various points in the game. All of them require different tactics, and by the time you beat them all, you will have mastered several unique new abilities. One thing I found surprising about MGS is that there is no jumping whatsoever. The cool thing is that it is just as fun without a jump button. Yes, I believe it is more fun than Tomb Raider. Although it is a bit debatable, I also believe that the enemies in MGS have the best AI out of any previous games.They do have their dense moments, but never let that fool you or you just may find yourself hiding under a truck silently with a pinless grenade next to your head.

So many publications rip into MGS for its very short playtime, and here is what I think of that ::pauses to pull down pants and sing a song with ass::. Here is what you really need to know. MGS has so many play features that there is technically NO WAY to get bored with it. Multiple endings, innovative ways of replaying the game (new items, etc.), a comprehensive VR training mode (that is often harder than the actual game), detailed mission briefings, and an awesome climax are all reasons that you need to buy MGS. And to be perfectly honest, the ending is the best video game ending I have ever witnessed. So forget what those other guys say! MGS is worth every cent!

If you have yet to figure it out, I love Metal Gear Solid. I promise you that if you go out and buy it, you will be totally impressed. If there is one person out there who does not like MGS, I would like to talk to you because you are indeed a very unique individual. Drop what you are doing, go out, and buy Metal Gear Solid, RIGHT NOW! Thank you...

Andrew the Game-Master