Nightmare Creatures is a game set in 19th century London. The story is about some guy named Adam Crowley who wants to take over the world by developing legions of terrifying mutant monsters, the so called "Nightmare Creatures". It is, of course, your job to stop his fiendish plan. You can play as either a man or woman, and both characters have different abilities, weapons, moves and combos.

Here's a list of what's wrong or not present. First and foremost, the graphics are very weak. Polygons will randomly flicker, "tearing" is visible on textures, there are no transparencies and a lot of noise. This fact is not helped along by the dreary CD audio and second-rate sound effects and graphics.

Another thing which Nightmare Creatures contains is a platform element, as occasionally you will have to jump between multiple platforms to get to the end of a level. Alas, the control is so poor, along with the shoddy camera angles, that many of these platform sequences are not difficult, but they are very tough to complete due to the design flaws of the game. Only exacerbating this fact is that there is no in-game saving; you can only save between levels. So, you have to play through 20 minutes of monsters all over again to get to that one platform part that has dogged you. Frustrating beyond belief, and there's no reason it should be!

On to the gameplay. The game pretty much involves the same action: an enemy appears from around the corner; you jump at him, hit him with a series of kicks, punches and a couple combos, and he falls down. The only thing I enjoyed was the fact that it was, at times, an appropriate Halloweeny-type game, but that will wear thin by, oh say Valentine's Day.

Crissy the Game Goddess