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Parasite Eve

Getting a slow but steady amount of hype for almost a year now, SquareSoft's Parasite Eve is finally almost ready to hit American shores. Based on the highly acclaimed Japanese novel and movie, and being dubbed as 'the Cinematic RPG', PE puts gamers in the tender shoes of Manhattan police woman, Aya, who is hot on the trail of the murderous telepathic known as Eve. The game starts with a hasty mass murder at the local opera house, and turns into a chase like no other in the city that never sleeps.

From the get-go, it is obvious that one of Square's attempts with PE is the suspenseful atmosphere. The graphics carry a very frightening tone, and the overall slick style that this game represents seems to carry a very scary premise. Although I have only played a short demo, I can tell that a lot of work went into the graphical engine. Square's work surpassed even Final Fantasy 7's graphically, and Namco must be pissing in their pants looking at PE's sweet FMV.

I do not claim to be heavily aquatinted with the game's fighting engine, but what I did play was pretty unique in it's own merit. Somewhat indifferent from the battle system of TH*Q's Quest 64, you will find yourself in a restricted area where you may move at will, using your various weapons to slaughter the baddies. Baddies include things from sewer rats to huge mutations, and although I did not find any of them insanely difficult, they each are fairly intelligent.

Perhaps a shock to most and an even larger disappointment, is Square's lazy soundtrack work. The music that I witnessed seemed very uninspired and unfitting of such a graphical masterpiece. And honestly, voice acting would help a moody game like this immensely. Dialogue boxes just do not cut it when fright is the aim.

Also word on the import front is that Parasite Eve is very short. I have heard rumors stating that it is as short as 2 hours and as long as 9. Either way, Square fans will feel a little cheated after putting 40+ hours into other recent ventures. So is it a Resident Evil answer or a Resident Evil wannabe? Come back to GEO when it hits our shores next month to be sure.

~Andrew the Game Master

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