Bad guys are big, but Turok's guns dont care

Explosions are nice and realistic

Yes, this guy's arm just got shot off, and yes, this is the system that brought you Banjo Kazooie

Enemies are awesome in Seeds of Evil

Very unique level designs are going to make Seeds of Evil a joy to behold

The level settings are much more elaborate than those of the original

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

Not too long after the launch of Nintendo 64, Acclaim released a first person adventure known as Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. It was highly praised by most as the best game of its kind, but was equally degraded upon by some for its repetitive levels, massive fog, and lack of multiplayer modes. Acclaim has heard the cry, and when October comes around, so will their sequel: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil.

Turok 2 takes place almost right after the first game ended, with Campaigner dying a miserable death, and his chronosepter being chucked into a massive volcano. Bad news for our hero though, as the volcano that he chose to throw the evil time device into just happens to be the resting place of Primagen, an immensely evil creature who is imprisoned in a massive jail structure. He uses telepathy to alert his evil dinoids (robot dinosaurs) that in order to free him, they need to crush all of the "energy totems" that lock him in his place of slumber. It is up to you, as Turok (Joshua Fireseed) to defend the totems, find the alternate keys, bust into the mofo's prison, and kick his ugly butt back to oblivion. All in a day's work....

Now, I have not actually played Turok 2, but I have acquired massive information on the games graphics, level designs, and multiplayer modes. Kicking off with the graphics, SoE looks just plain incredible. Gone are the days of heavy fog, cheesy animations, and boring textures, and in are the days of clean cut levels, animation that makes you drool, and creative level structure. Everything looks good (I saw a 4 minute video of the game, so I am not just saying this stuff), and the frame rate is unbelievable. When you shoot an enemy, they react so realistically, that if you wanted to, you could take out a guards knee caps, shoot a dude in the shoulder, or just blow someone's head off and then watch their body stumble around hopelessly until hitting the ground.

In an exclusive online interview, an Acclaim rep told me that one of the major complaints about the original was that all the levels were very similar in concept. "Gamers got really fed up with the jungles..." he said, "So we decided to not only make all the levels different, but to eliminate the jungle levels altogether...". Sounds good to me... Also, in an attempt to make the game less lonely, there will be several scripted events. Wars will wage, buildings will explode, and wind will blow around papers and leaves.

Goldeneye fans will be happy to know that Acclaim will include a multiplayer mode within the game, and it is rumored to be so incredible that even 007 fans will have to take a look. There are two modes: bloodlust and frag tag. Bloodlust is an all out 2-4 player war, while frag tag is like tag, even though penalties for losing are not as gracious. Both modes look promising, and Acclaim promises a large amounts of characters to select from, including an evil version of Turok.

But perhaps the most awaited aspect of SoE is the insane arsenal that you can wield. If you thought the first Turok had lots of guns, you have not seen anything yet. There are well over 20 guns that you will find on your quest, and each of them produces a gory effect all to their own. There is one gun that shoots into the enemy's head, disperses its firepower, and sends the baddies brains flying sky high. Even more intriguing is the enemies responses to such things. They actually cower in fear and run away if you pull out some of the bigger guns, and hide behind bushes in panic. These are truly some of the most intelligent enemies that the industry has ever seen.

So buckle up, and save your pennies, because when Turok 2: Seeds of Evil hits stores, you WILL want to buy it. I guarantee that this game will not disappoint. If this game ends up sucking, that will be about the time you start seeing nude Game Master pics on the web. ~Andrew the Game Master