Capcom's character designs never fail to please.
"Drown, bitch!"
Not only are there alot of characters to choose from, but each character has multiple color choices.
Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Not Bulleta, that's for sure!

Vampire Savior

It's a fairly well-known fact that Capcom's 2D fighters look best on the Saturn. Thanks to the 4 MB RAM cartridge, Vampire Savior is definitely one of those games. With perfect animations and virtually no loading time, this game is not to passed up.

Vampire Savior is the third game in Capcom's relatively(relative to Street Fighter) popular Darkstalkers series. The Darkstalkers series is like Street Fighter with an almost gothic style monster theme. Vampire Savior is definitely the best in the series, because of it's speed, and many character choices.

The control is the basic Capcom high punch, low kick, half circle punch setup, with the addition of the darkforce moves. These moves are different for each character and require a certain amount of power, to cause alot of damage.

The music is kinda techno-gothy, and suits the game very well. None of the tunes are overly annoying, but I wouldn't buy the soundtrack either. The sound effects are goofy, and fit the characters very well. Morrigan sounds sexy, Felicia sounds cutesy, and Bulleta sounds cute until she whips out her bazooka!

The graphics are absolutely amazing. The character designs are highly detailed and the characters are very crisp on the screen. The animations are smooth, and completely flawless. This is truely a beautiful game.

Vampire Savior has different difficulty levels, so it's only has hard, or as easy as you want it to be. It also has different settings for speed, so you can have it so that it's just about perfect, or really really fast. If you own a Saturn but are waiting for the Playstation version, so it's in English, don't wait. After beating the game, you can have EX options, including the option of English captions. Definitely a nice addition for and import game.

I recommend this version of Vampire Savior to fans of fighting and Capcom in general. I've heard the Playstation version is fairly close, but I doubt it could be anything near as perfect as this.

*Katie the Web-Mistress*