The edit wrestler option returns. Hopefully the "guest character" codes from World Tour will work.

Um...I'm not going to comment on this one.
The 4-player mode returns with a vengeance. But will somebody tell me what a Spirit guage is doing in a pro wrestling 'sim'?
Wrestlers are weird.
No, Kimberly isn't playable. I think.
"Ticket price pays for the whole seat, but you'll only need THE EDGE!"

WCW/NWO Revenge

Let me start by saying that wrestling does not do much for me. Watching near-naked men pin eachother within confined ropes just does not give me the greatest of thrills. I enjoyed a couple of those older wrestling games like Royal Rumble, but really, usually when a wrestling videogame comes out, I steer totally clear. As fate would have it, it was requested of me to take home WCW VS. NWO Revenge so that I could give some customer assistance (I work at a video rental place). So I took it home, popped it into my somewhat dusty N64, and prepared to be bombarded in boredom. But, friends, let me tell you: pinning a naked man has never been so much fun!

From my point of view, the first intriguing aspect of the game was the huge amount of options and selectable characters. You can wrestle anywhere from Monday Nitro to Halloween Havok, and you can be anyone from Hollywood Hogan to Brett Hart. Although there is no "create a wrestler" feature, you can choose from a vast variety of clothes (or lack of) for your character. Easily put, the options are also incredible as you can do anything from one on one, to tag team, to the ever wonderfully fun Royal Rumble (and you can choose to go up against 40 different wrestlers for the RR!).

When the gameplay started, I was undeniably disappointed from all the build up. It seemed unfairly sluggish and mundane, leaving me wondering what I was so excited about. But then it hit me like a brick in the head: the fun that is. Seeing all the different wrestling moves was very fun, and I really cannot say that shoving a big hairy man's head in my crotch has ever been so pleasing. With authentic wrestling moves, and hilarious rope antics, no red blooded, testerone filled American can dare to deny the fun of Revenge. Matches can be drawn out for what seems like eternity, and it is hard to pin the opponent, but there are few things more amusing than slamming Hogan into a poll and watching him break out into a bloody sweat (Yes, I used to like him when I was a kid... I even bought the 'Hulk'o'mania work out set'. But now.. he is just gay).

The graphics are a bit sloppy, but solid at the same time. Lots of break up (especially around the ropes), and some polygons glitches (that usually only take place in wrestling positions that not even the human pretzel could get into) plague the game, but it is a plague that is easily combated by clever animation and amazing attention to detail. Each of the shit loads of wrestlers look just like their real-life counterparts, making this one of the most accurate game's ever conducted. The detail in each ring is also amazing, with right-on accuracy in parallel with the real arenas. Also another thing that's should be noted are the beautifully animated character trademark moves that prevail throughout and give each wrestler a distinct personality. And of course, if its all about attitude, Revenge carts it around in bad ass quantities.

The music is a bit repetitive and boring, but at least it gives effort to jam a bit (something that is very absent from most N64 titles). One thing a game like this needs is an announcer or two, and it has neither. Long matches with no lard assed big mouths calling the fight? Aw, come on. Another missing sound feature is that other than the repetitious groans and moans from the combatants, the wrestlers have no voices. Voices would have added a lot of personality to an otherwise complete game.

With tons of options, tons of wrestlers, and loads of possibilities, WCW VS. NWO Revenge is my personal favorite wrestling game out there right now. The only thing this game is missing is a soul (Just kidding, inside joke!). If you are an N64 fan who wants to experience the most hard-hitting wrestling title out there (or if you are just gay and want to see lots of men in their underwear), this is the one for you

~Andrew the Game Master

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