Fei Fong Wong is way cooler than his name suggests.

Xenogears relies on storyline and character development, more than graphics, unlike a certain other Squaresoft Playstation game I know.

The animation sequences mix hand drawn anime with computer technology very nicely.

Dan may look like a balding dwarf, but, he's really just an annoying kid.



Xenogears has one of the most mature, unique and captivating plots I have ever run across. The characters are deep, the gameplay is awesome and just when you think you got it all figured out, you don't. This game kept me on the edge of my seat guessing who the characters were, and blew me away when the truth was revealed. Xenogears has far outdone it's predecessor, FF7. It's a fast paced game with a new and very intriguing fighting system, a spicy blend of anime and cinematics that leave a player with tears in their eyes and knees, drooling and begging for more.

For all its rights, Xenogears does have a few wrongs. If you get this game you better enjoy reading. It's composed 52% of talking between main and sub characters, and just about anything else. The message scrolling is rather slow, so this game might not be the choice for a person who doesn't enjoy fast paced games that involve a lot of reading. I found the storyline captivating enough to be unbothered by the constant talking. To me it makes the characters seem more "Human" and less like creations of Squaresoft animators. (Sorry to ruin it for you kiddies, The Tooth Fairy isn't real either.)

The sounds are good, as far as music goes it's not as fantastic as the music in some of the other Squaresoft games. I won't be rummageing through gaming mags to get the soundtrack anytime soon, but it bides the game well and sets feeling. One song (Titled Stars by the MP3) is actually a tribute to "Aries Theme" in FF7. The FX sounds are pretty good. Before you attack you rip off your loud barbarian war cry and have at 'em. Each attack makes an impact sound so all and all it's good FX fun for the whole family. And when you get hit, of course characters will grunt. Elly does this wonderful "Smacked down like a Bitch" sound that you'll be mocking through the whole game. Overal the music is fine, better than having a silent game and hey just praise the lord it isn't Saga Frontier.

Most people will probly play this game over and over and over, not just because the game is good, but also because most will need to replay it several times before they understand the great plots ... and wanna see Fei and everyone else's cool-ass combos and gears again, those graphics are bad-ass. Over all I believe Xenogears is the new King of RPG's. Any good RPG fan who has his or her hunger for good RPG's will find themselves more than satisfied with a good helping of Xenogears. Well, that's it on that. For Xenogears I have only two words for any TRUE RPG fan and those 2 words are: "Buy It".